MRBPLG establishes a partnership between local governments in the Maumee River Basin focused on sustainability and water quality stewardship. The partnership will increase efficiency and effectiveness of long-term problem resolution via greater watershed-level collaboration around shared water quality goals and aspirations for sustainability and resiliency.

MRBPLG seeks to restore and protect water quality by sharing resources and advancing a collaborative, results-oriented agenda that is driven by a watershed-based approach and clear objectives to increase the impact of local efforts.

MRBPLG aspires to develop a collaborative regional body to advance a shared agenda around environmental and ecological sustainability and resiliency; to develop and support innovation approaches to regional and community level problem solving; and to compete for funding and effectively leverage resources allocated to protect the Great Lakes ecosystem.

In order to take a collective look at the Maumee River Basin, a tri-state regional effort, including Indiana, Ohio, and Michigan, called the Maumee River Basin Partnership of Local Governments (MRBPLG) has organized and has been actively meeting since 2001.