The Maumee River Basin Partnership of Local Governments (MRBPLG) is a consortium of cities, towns, villages, townships, counties, watershed management groups, and the regional community, which was founded in March 2001 by the City of Fort Wayne, Indiana and the City of Toledo, Ohio. This Partnership stretches across three state boundaries and focuses on a watershed-based approach to water quality management in the Maumee River Basin.

MRBPLG Mission Statement

To function as a regional network of local governments and other partners within the Maumee River Basin that evaluates policies and supports and promotes issues, programs, and activities that will benefit water quality within the tri-state region.

Our Maumee River, its tributary streams, and Lake Erie will be best protected through the collaboration and leadership of local governments that share the Maumee Basin. Your participation and involvement is encouraged.

MRBPLG provides:

  • Lobbying Resource
  • Regional Watershed Coordination
  • Interaction with other Governmental Entities
  • Technical Resource on MRB issues
  • NPDES Permit Compliance Resource
  • Updates on Water Quality Issues
  • Watershed Education and Outreach
  • Water Quality Data Consolidation